We have collated some of the best and free resources that can help you get your business online.

Easy to use website builder

An ecommerce solution to sell your products online, Shopify have extended their free trial period to 3 months

Useful to setup a blog, a website or a store

Build a website without coding

1 page static website builder

Help your customers find you with Google's 1 page business listing
A quick guide to help you sellon Facebook

Tips to help you start selling on Instagram

Sell your products in the Etsy Marketplace
Use video conferencing to host yoga, language or fitness classes online. Host upto 100 participants for free

Use video calls to conduct 1-1 or group classes. Host upto 25 participants for free

Unlimited participants & free

Unlimited participants

Free scheduling tool to help your customers book slots for your virtual classes
Free stock photos for your website & social media

Free stock photos for your website & social media

Free customizable illustrations

Easy to use tool to create banners, images for your website, social media & more
Email upto 2000 of your customers for free

Send upto 300 emails/day free

Beginners guide to SEO

Create forms and surveys

An affordable local number to forward calls to any device, anywhere around the globe


Some handcrafted ideas, tips & tools to guide your online journey.

Rethinking Your Business Values For A Post-COVID-19 World

As of writing this article in early April 2020, nobody really knows how business will look like after COVID-19. People could either go back to how it was before or see the event as an opportunity to do things differently (let’s hope the latter). It is hard to make any predictions at this stage but there are a few values every business should think of going forward and how they can be incorporated into interactions with staff and customers in a post-COVID-19 world.

How to conduct an online class?

If you or your business teach or conduct yoga, dance, art, language classes (or anything else) in person, we understand social distancing may be a challenging time.

How to upgrade your Business while you are stuck at home during COVID-19?

Travel Agencies & Operators The travel and tourism industry is amongst the most impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. With most countries suspending domestic and international travel.

How to Accept Payments Online?

With growing concerns about COVID-19 around the world, nothing is normal. Small businesses need to adapt to survive. There is a prominent change in customer buying.

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