How to conduct an online class?

Yoga,Cooking, Art - anything you like!

If you or your business teach or conduct yoga, dance, art, language classes (or anything else) in person, we understand social distancing may be a challenging time.

However, you can still try organizing an online class; technology has made this fairly easy. Here is our 5 step guide to help you get started:

  1. Test the waters with a free class.

    It’d be a good way to see if your followers, customers are open to taking an online class. Just set a date & time, spread the word:

    a. Announce it on your social media channels
    b. Email your customers, if you have their email ids 
    c. Add it to your website
    d. Call or text your loyal customers
  2. Conduct it on a social platform like Facebook, Instagram.

    You want the most number of people to join in for the free session, so make it as easy as possible. Using something like Facebook or Instagram live ensures anyone can join in for free and at any point in the session.

    And, don’t forget to share the video after the session, so people who missed it can still check out your awesome class!

  3. Organize scheduled paid sessions.

    Once you have successfully done a test, you are ready to organize paid sessions. These could be group sessions or one-on-one depending on what works best for you and your customers.

  4. Pick the right tools to conduct paid sessions.

    a. Use tools like Zoom which allow only pre-registered/pre-approved users to join your session. You can check other video conferencing options here

    b. Use easy to use & popular payment options like GooglePay, Apple Pay to collect payments from your customers at the time of registration. You can send them a payment request after they’ve registered and supplied their phone number (be sure to share this when you are advertising the class)

    Also, here is a quick guide on how to accept payments through Google & Apple Pay.

  5. Share your class schedule with your customers

    Get the word out through social media, email your customers, on your website, maybe ring up those super loyal customers who always made it to your class in person :)

Bonus: If you conduct 1-1 consultations, you can follow the exact same steps setup a calendar on calendly so people can pick a time to consult with you. No back and forth, you decide the slots you are available during and they pick one that works for them.

Some Inspiration

Here are a few businesses that are conducting online classes successfully: