Direct services at have now been closed

All customer services have now been moved to

As part of a strategic partnership Telnames have now assigned all .tel domain subscriptions and contracts to Internet Domain Services BS Corp (, effective from 1st February 2016.

If you are an existing Telnames customer then all of your existing services are still available at, however your password will need to be updated. We have already sent an email to your registered email address with the password reset link, however if you have not received this you can reset this using the “Forgot my password” button under the login box at the top right of your page.

The price for your .TEL domain and services remains the same, but as we were unable to transfer your payment information please add your payment details to your account as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or require support with domain management portal please contact your dedicated support team at

How do I update my .tel website?

Whilst your .tel domain and renewal management is now being handled via, your .tel website configuration management will remain unchanged. In order to manage your website please visit and login with your existing account information.

Is my Telnames design changing to the standard Registrar .tel design?

No. All existing Telnames customers will continue to use the more advanced Telnames hosting setup. All new domain registrations through existing customer accounts will also use the more advanced Telnames hosting setup. In the future you may be given the option to choose which .tel website design you prefer but for now the Telnames design is the only design available through for existing Telnames customers. new customers and existing customers will continue to use the standard TelNIC registrar offering.

I have not received my password reset email.

Occasionally our emails may be flagged as SPAM by incoming mail servers. Please check your SPAM folder for the password reset email and email with one of your domain names if you have not received.

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