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If you are planning to create your own customized domain registration website, with little or no coding efforts, from where your customers will be able to search, register and manage domain names and related services, then you are looking for a Web Hosting/Domain Registration and Billing automation suite.

There are several leading web hosting and billing automation suites around and we encourage you to check out each of them in order to find the one that is right for you:

Third party platforms able to connected to our API:

No matter which domain registration automation suite you have selected we have an absolutely free plugin or module specifically created to connect your domain registration automation suite to our API and domain registration service in a completely transparent way.

We want you to be successful in reselling domain name registrations and related services.

Using our plugins/modules you can start selling domain name registrations and related hosting services in a matter of minutes with little or no coding; in general it is only a matter of customizing the layout to match your website.

Our plugins/modules are integrated transparently in your web hosting and billing automation suite and they take advantage of our real-time domain name registration services. Your customers won't be required to go to our website, they will totally ignore our existence and you can sell our products according to your own marketing and pricing strategy. Everything will happen from your website and you will keep full control over your website layout. Your customers will only know you not us!

Most if not all web hosting, domain registration and management automation suites offer free trial versions, please make sure to test them using our plugins/modules. Our domain registration automation plugins/modules have a test mode so you can play with them without spending any money. Once you are ready to go live, just add some funds to your account and request an API key along with the source IP of the server where the web hosting, domain name registration and billing suite has been installed and you can instantly start selling/managing your domains and those of your customers from your own website.

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