Domain name TRANSFER allows you to change your current domain name Registrar and gives you the opportunity to consolidate all your domain names here at

We make transferring your domain names simple, clear and flexible. Upload a list of domains and auth codes, we’ll check each auth code is valid, the Current Registrar and the lock status, then display all of this information in our simple transfer tracker. From there you can filter by registrar and status, then correct any names not ready to transfer, once everything is in order we will automatically start the transfer process. You can even choose to transfer your domains at the time of renewal.

The expiration date of the domain(s) after the transfer will be at the end of the registry billing period (.DE Domains - April 30, 2021).

Enter one or more domain names below
.COM transfers at $6.99 $8.49*
*Up to 500 domains/ account
*The reduced price does not apply to .com domains transferred away from Internetbs in the last 12 months

To transfer a .UK domain to us (TAG change) you have to do it from your current Registrar and you need to specify our TAG name which is IDS-BS. This form will allow you to choose the account to which the domain will be added to when the transfer has been completed. We will keep this association in our database for 5 days while you request the TAG change to your current Registrar. If the transfer (TAG change) is not completed during that time we will remove this information from our database and you have to start again.
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