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Whether you are looking for a single economic SSL certificate to protect your website or you wish to resell SSL certificates to your existing and future customers in a white label format using our SSL Certificate API, we have the right, convenient and like always most economic solution for you:
lockAn SSL certificate protects your customer's sensitive data when submitting confidential information to and from your website. In other words you can collect credit card details and other personal information using an encrypted channel and in a transparent way just by using https instead of http for your web forms. No special skill or programming is required. In the event somebody is spying on the data flowing between your customer and your hosted web site, it will be impossible for the attacker to distinguish that data's content when using https.
Every respected financial institution uses SSL Certificates in order to protect their customers' access and keep data confidential.
usersSSL Certificates are also used by e-commerce websites, online stores, community websites and every reputable website respecting customers or members' confidentiality. There is not a single advanced and secure website not benefiting from an SSL Certificate. Using an SSL Certificate increases your customers' confidence in your company and helps promote your products and services.
infoThere are presently two types of SSL certificates available:
  1. The first and most economical type is used just to establish an encrypted communication channel between your website and your visitors. It is called a "domain validated certificate" and it is usually issued within the same day.
  2. The second type includes identity validation, i.e. the SSL certificate issuer, the Certification Authority (also called CA: Verisign, Geotrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, etc…), is validating your identity at different levels and is certifying that you are who you say you are. These "Identity validated SSL Certificates", besides protecting the data flow to/from your website's, certify your identity and hence increase your customer's confidence in your website, your company and the services you offer.
There is also a warranty associated to most VeriSign identity validated SSL certificates. This warranty is offered by the certificate issuer, the certification authority and it ranges from USD 100.000 up to USD 250.000 depending on the SSL certificate you chose.
cartWe have built a website entirely dedicated to SSL certificates where you can purchase a single SSL certificate or even signup for an SSL certificate reseller account. We offer a very simple and intuitive SSL certificate reseller API for free and you are able to provide our SSL certificates in a fully unbranded fashion (white label) to your customers as if you were the actual SSL certificate provider.
bussiness We also offer a complete reseller website from where you will be able to manage your SSL certificate orders, without the need of any programming skill, through a powerful control panel that includes all you need to successfully run your SSL certificates business.
Start reselling SSL certificates now: