An update on our services

Just a little update on what has been happening at in the last few months! You may have noticed that we recently released our »

UK owners of .EU domains will lose their websites

In a meeting with its UK domain registrar community on June 4th, EURID (the operator of .EU domains) outlined the European Commission's directive on how Britain's »

Interview with Kathy Nielsen, Premium Portfolio Strategist

Who are you and where in the world are you? Hi, I’m Kathy Nielsen. I live in Boston, Massachusetts, home to one of the domain »

.ETH Ethereum Blockchain Names recently added support for the registration of .ETH blockchain names. We talk to Mano Samy, founder of and blockchain naming pioneer about »

ICANN approves Red Cross and NGO reserved domain list (taking several LLL.gTLD names off the market)

ICANN, the governing body for the domain industry, has today released details of new policy which will protect the rights of several international organizations ahead of »