gets a new DNS interface gets a new DNS interface!

Coke bottles are piled up on the floor, a musky scent is thickening the air, the little light that enters our room seems to retreat in disgust. We’ve been lurking in the shadows for two months now, but the cleaners have been called and we have finally released our most exciting update for the year... our new DNS management interface!

OK, it might not be as exciting to everyone but our relief is fresh and our pride is pure. We believe we have built something special!

Let’s face it, whilst our Free DNS is the best it was hard to look at it. With the redesign of our DNS management interface, we decided to add some new features to make DNS management simple:

  1. The ability to schedule your changes, both redelegation and zone record changes. If you have a high impact change to make, you can schedule it at a low impact time without having to set the alarm clock!
  2. Your zone and delegation history will now be visible to you, with timestamps. So if you make a mistake, it is easy to rollback.
  3. We’ve brought everything under a single page.
  4. You can add or edit records using a drop down, no more scrolling down the page!
  5. It just looks much much better!

We hope you enjoy :)