Invest in Ethereum by registering a .ETH Blockchain Domain Name

Register a .ETH Blockchain Domain Name

Blockchain is an emerging technology based on the decentralisation of data and authentication of transactions through a shared ledger.  It has the potential to change the way the world works, from banking, title ownership and the internet.  Like the early days of the internet it currently operates across several distinct chains (or networks) and has a rudimentary naming system, so opportunity is ripe for early adopters to take advantage of future developments.

Ethereum, the leading blockchain, has introduced a naming system similar to the Domain Name System (DNS) which it calls ENS, and through which it offers registration of the .ETH name. is proud to be the first domain registrar to offer registration services to its customers.


minimum 0 ETH


minimum 0 USD

maximum 0 USD

Network fee: ETH ( USD) - nonrefundable
Actual bid: ETH ( USD) - 95% refundable if unsuccessful
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = USD

FAQs about .ETH Names has simplified the registration and investment process. 
No wallets, no knowledge of BlockChain or Ethereum required.

It’s simple enter the name you require and we will check if it is available.  If it is, we will display the minimum amount you can bid, you will then need to enter the amount you are willing to pay at which point we will provide you with a live quote which shows how much the amount you have bid is worth in ETHER, along with all of the associated fees.

If you are happy to proceed then submit your payment and the order will be processed just as any other domain name registration would be. Please note, only 7 character plus names are currently available.

Ethereum offers registration of the .ETH ENS using a Vickery auction model.  Registrants submit a bid for a .ETH name specifying an amount in ETHER, the Ethereum blockchain token currency. The bid amount will remain hidden for 3 days, after which it will be revealed publicly for a further 2 days until the auction completes and the .ETH name is awarded to the highest bidder for the price of second highest bid.

By raising a request for the registration of a .ETH name you are starting an auction process where you may be outbid by another party. If you are not successful in your application we will refund the full amount, less any non-refundable fees, based on the ETHER value quoted and the exchange rate at the time of your purchase.

We will also refund to your account the difference between your bid and the second highest bidder in case of an auction win (If you were the only bidder, the name is awarded for .01 ETH, and any surplus bid amount will be refunded).

Why invest in .ETH names?

A .ETH name is allocated to its owner for a 1 year term, similar to a domain name. However, if after a year you decide not to renew the domain you will be refunded the full deposit amount of the name in ETHER, based on the original purchase amount less the transaction fee. If you have been thinking of investing in ETHER already the .ETH name allows you to double your possible return by acquiring both ETHER and a .ETH name, which could hold a similar value proposition as the early .com domains.

What else do I need to know? will be buying the .ETH names and assigning ownership to the wallet in Ethereum. If you wish to transfer the name to another wallet at anytime you will be able to do so by contacting our support team and providing your new wallet address. The .ETH name will then be transferred to your wallet after we have verified your correct details.

Likewise, if you wish to cancel the registration at anytime after the first year, you can do so by contacting our support team and providing your new wallet address.

If you do not renew your name you must contact us to seek the refund of your ETHER held.

You can view the status of the auction, as well as confirm the ownership of the name at anytime by visiting:

If you want to make use of your .ETH name in anyway then you will need to transfer the name to your own wallet. will charge a fee of .01 ETHER for all transactions plus payment gateway processing fees, the Ethereum Blockchain will also charge a varying transaction fee (based on how busy the network is at the time of bid, which can vary anywhere from .01 - .05 ETH) for all transactions. This means a non-refundable fee of .02 – .07 ETHER plus payment gateway fees will be charged for all orders, successful or not. This amount will be displayed in your chosen currency on checkout but you can get a sense of how busy the next work is by visiting and looking at the gauge. If the gauge shows 100% then the network is very busy.

There is not currently a charge for renewal, however this may be introduced in the future by Ethereum Blockchain. We secure all names held via a coded, offline wallet with backup codes stored securely in a safety deposit box. Please review our terms and conditions for our refund process if you are concerned about security.

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