Living for the city

In a joint venture with Right of Dot, have created several new retail websites on new city gTLDs, starting with the economic powerhouses of .london, .nyc, .tokyo and the gambling and entertainment capital of the world .vegas.

Align your business with mega cities, numbering over ten million inhabitants, with GDPs bigger than several countries and visitor numbers in the millions. Our new retail sites are perfect for localised searches whether you’re looking for a bar, taxi, or a vintage clothes shop, our city sites enable local organizations and businesses to have a meaningful presence online.

The local pizza parlour, the 24 hour locksmith or the local sports association, that’s who these domains are designed for. Their purpose is to let your customers know where you’re based and where you operate.

Expect to see more iconic city gTLD sites in the near future from, and Right of Dot.

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