Are you a domain investor? Do you need some inspiration? Well, we have hit the mother-load! is releasing a list of 9.5 million .COM names, which are currently registered under other TLD spaces yet remain unregistered under .COM - That’s a lot of web realty!

There’s immense potential amongst this list for high value .COM domains that have so far gone undiscovered.

The list is being released in sections starting with numbers and then letters of the alphabet from A to Z, plus all names will be under 7 characters in length.

You can download these lists right now by visiting the download page, soon to be replaced with an easy to use search tool. Hurry, this list will not be updated when domains are registered, but it was correct at the time of creation; you will need to move quickly to get access to the best .COM names!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some names may be trademarked or be subject to other rights. Please consider this statement carefully before registering any names to avoid financial loss.

Download the list here

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